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노원철 Executive Consultant
TEL : 02-553-6972
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Position By Consultant


외국계 자동차 부품사 Application Engineer

· 포지션

회사소개 : 자동차산업 솔류션 제공회사. 프랑스 본사

주요서비스 : 각 차량의 기능과 파트의 3D 솔류션, 벤치마킹 자료등의 솔류션

주요고객사 : 완성차 업체와 1차 밴더들이 주요 고객.

직급/직책  대리/과/차장

Job Summary

As a Technical Account Manager (TAM), you will play a key role in managing the technical relationship with companies in automotive industry.

You will leverage your industry experience and technical expertise in vehicle systems, automated driving system, control system design, modelling and simulation, xEV powertrain systems or embedded software development to understand customer workflows, challenges, and key business initiatives.

With that knowledge, you will paint a vision of how the company's products can accelerate the pace of their development and innovation. You will also establish yourself as a trusted advisor to strategic the company's customers and provide technical leadership by providing guidance on best practices, direction on workflow. improvements, and connections to other the company support teams.

You will partner with engineers and managers as a trusted technical advisor and help them advance their ability to make data driven business decisions and improve their product development processes.

Key responsibilities & duties

Broaden Adoption of our products by building awareness, finding new users, increasing the proficiency of current users, and encouraging the reuse of customer IP/tools across the customer user base to help them maximize their ROI.

Deepen Adoption of our products by helping customers realize the benefits that comes from deepening tool usage and the reuse of artifacts throughout their product life cycle to help them reduce their development cost, thereby maximizing the ROI of what the customer already uses; also, identify and address further areas of improvement in the customer’s workflow.

Develop and maintain long-term End User Relationships by providing excellent technical/customer service by identifying and removing issues that reduce customer product usage benefits.

Establish Management Relationships by helping our customers have product/program success to become their premier solutions provider; this is accomplished by being a part of the customer’s business planning and playing a significant role in the formulation of solutions to customer’s issues.

근무지 서울
처우조건 채용시협의

· 자격요건
학력 대졸이상
특기사항   전자,전기 전공 대상, 영어 커뮤니케이션 필수, 자동차업계 개발 또는 Application engineer 경력 요구됨

· 접수방법
마감일 마감
전형절차 서류전형/면접
제출서류 국문 & 영문이력서(구체적인 경력기술 포함)
접수방법 온라인입사지원
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