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EverBrain is a Strategy of Your Life

How to find the best and the right candidates for your company

Contact EverBrain and we will make a presentation or send you presentation material.
Tel 82-2-553-7360 or send your query to grace@everbrain.com

Our Staff
All our professional consulting and research staff are bi-cultural and multi-lingual, this means we understand both sides of the client and candidate relationship: local and international.
Project Discipline
Prior to EverBrain providing services to a client, we submit a detailed Search Proposal that includes (i) the detailed position description for the subject position; (ii) the Search methodology and milestone timeline. Appropriate lines of communication are maintained throughout the search with regular reports against milestones.
The effectiveness of our work depends on a detailed understanding of our cliendt's staretegy and style of management. We therefore respect absolute confidentiality when dealing with sensitive information provided to us about a client organization and its employees. Confidentiality is needed to protect candidates as well.
Reciprocal Relationship
The best relationships are reciprocal and, just as we make our clients aware of any particular facts we discover in the course of a search, we ask them to keep us informed of any developments which may affect the successful outcome.
To avoid confusion in the marketplace, we ask that all activity on a particular search be funnelled through us. Therefore, we ask that clients not advertise the position without prior consultation or use any other recruitment method of firm while we are working on that search. We further ask that the client refer to us for consideration any potential candidates already known to them or who may themselves spontaneously.