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EverBrain is a Strategy of Your Life

Like our clients, EverBrain consulting’s greatest asset is its people. As experienced professionals who have started their career in industry, they are able to act as trusted advisors to their clients, not just in relation to executive search but in relation to many of the issues which senior executives face.

EverBrain consulting members are bound by the shared belief and practice of conducting business with integrity, transparency and mutual respect. But more importantly, they collaborate because they enjoy working together.

담당컨설턴트 안경옥 사진

안경옥 CEO

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Grace Ahn

- General Management/- Financial Service / Strategy/ Consuming, Retail, FMCG Ind.

After graduating from Sogang University's Department of English Literature, she was at Samsung group as a business analyst. She also worked in small private equity firm and foreign company, prior to executive search. Grace Ahn has had 20 years’ experience in executive consulting, consumer goods, and information and communication. She is currently a CEO/representative consultant of EverBrain Consulting, an executive search firm that is proud of success and a solid reputation for strategic, thorough, and performance-driven service. She is particularly competent in analyzing the market and delivering frame of reference and insight. That was most helpful when her clients needed to establish new business or build new teams and her client commitment and consultative approach have earned her national recognition. Especially she has a wide network in Financial Service and Strategy Consulting Field.

담당컨설턴트 백정현 사진

백정현 Global Client Managing Partner

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JH Baek

[Representative Consultant : Automotive, Luxury Brands, Global Companies]

Field of Expertise:

                Automotive OEM & Retailers, Mobility, Luxury Brands, Retailers Global companies.

He is a representative consultant in the consumer division, delivering recruitment service to various domestic and global companies in Automotive OEM, Automotive retailer groups, high-end luxury brand, global companies etc..

He is a seasoned professionals in the automotive industry with over 30 years of experience. He has held various leadership roles in major companies such as Kia Motors, Hyundai Motors, Ford Korea/PAG Korea, and Jaguar Land Rover Korea(JLRK). During his tenure as CEO of JLRK, he has shown notable achievement in business growth, expanding retailer networks and building strong team. He has been also active in social activities, BOD member of BCCK(British Chamber of Commerce in Korea),KAIDA(Korea Automotive Importer & Distributors Association) and GCCA(Global Company CEO Association) contributing to the local communities.

담당컨설턴트 김문규 사진

김문규 Local Client Managing Partner

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ㅇ 업종 : 자동차, 건설, 부동산 자산운용, 보험 전문직
ㅇ 분야 : 회계, 금융, 일반 관리 및 전문직
ㅇ 현대자동차 : 재정팀, 국제금융팀, 무역금융팀
ㅇ 아이콘트롤스 : 경영지원실, 사업기획, 인사기획


Business : Automobile, Construction, Real Estate Asset Management, Insurance

JobField : Accounting, Finance, General Management and Profession


Hyundai Motor Company : Finance Team, International Finance Team, Trade Finance Team

Icontrols : Management Support, Business Planning, HR Planning

담당컨설턴트 이정호 사진

이정호 컨설턴트

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□ 업종별:  게임/ IT / 엔터테인먼트 / 소비재패션마케팅 /부동산금융

□ 직종별

패션 디자이너마케팅유통

- IT 프로그래머기획컨설팅

엔터테인먼트 기획프로듀서, PD, 감독

부동산 금융, PF금융

 San Francisco AAU 대학원 졸업하고 미국 LA에서 SPA 패스트패션 의류 다이서블리메션 디자인 팀장과 대기업의 홍보실 근무 경험방송및영화 제작회사 근무 경력및 장비 매체 관련 유통업엔터테인먼트회사 근무경험 등등을 바탕으로 헤드헌팅 전문 영역을 가지고 있습니다.  귀하의 이직과 커리어컨설팅에 도움이 되는신뢰할 수 있는  헤드헌터 파트너로서  성심성의껏 업무에 임하고자 합니다.

After graduating from San Francisco AAU Graduate School, he worked in SPA Fast Fashion Brand, LA as sublimation design team leader and PRroom of major company. Also he experienced broadcasting and film production company, media equipment distribution company and entertainment company. Base on those specialized experience, he is a trusted headhunter partner that helps you change jobs and career consulting