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EverBrain is a Strategy of Your Life

We give our clients the local, regional & global coverage they need

Our Typical approach for conducting executive search assignments includes the steps below:

Needs Assessment
Working together with you, we analyse the company's needs to determine the required set of skills, understand organizational relationships, define the required experience, and indentify the other necessary for the successful candidate.
Position Spectification
We develop a specification for your review and approval. This document will describe the basic responsibilities, reporting relationship, education and professional experience required to meet your desired performance criteria. It will serve as the basis for determining whom we contact during the course of the search.
The specification is promptly shared with other consultants with relevant industry and functional expertise to pinpoint sources and prospects. Simultaneously, our research team accesses our computer databases of individuals, corporations, and other sources. Our search will focus on the geographic regions which are close to the location of the position and where we believe there to be a sufficient pool of quilified candidates.
Candidate Interviews and Evaluation
Likely prospects are interviewed by our consultants who evaluates each on the basis of experience and potential cultural fit with your organization.
Presentation of Candidates
Confidential written reports are typically submitted on four or five individuals who most closely fit the position specificatior.
Candidate/Client Interviews
The consultant schedules a mutually convenient meeting between you and each candidate, makes travel arrangements, and handles reimbursement of travel expenses, if required. After each interview, our consultant contacts you and the candidates for feedback.
Referencing of Successful Candidate
Once you select the final candidate, our consultant contacts individuals who are capable of providing insights about the candidate's quilifications. The collective comments made by these references are them reviewed with you.
Completation of the Search
As the research comes to a close, our consultant can assist in structuring of the compendation package if you wish, and to assist you with any further aspects of completing the employment offer. Once the offer is signed our consultant remains in regular conact with the successful candidate until joining, helping to ensure the candidate makes a successful transition to your orgainzation.