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Health Officer


회사소개 Company
 Foreign Luxury Fashion Company
직급/직책 Position
 Staff ~ Manager
담당업무 Work
1. Establishing and operating an occupational safety and health committee to deliberate on and determine important matters concerning safety and health at the place of business in accordance with “Occupational Safety And Health Act” and fulfilling duties determined by the committee

2. Assisting, advising on and guiding selecting appropriate products in purchasing protectors related to health, among the machinery, etc.

3. Assisting, advising on and guiding assessing danger under Article 36 of the Act;

4. Assisting, advising on and guiding posting or keeping data on health and safety in handling substances which is prepared pursuant to Article 110 of the Act;

5. Reviewing the results of the health examinations, and taking appropriate measures for the employees' health following the results, including work arrangements, work conversions, and reduction of working hours
6. Assisting, guiding and advising on formulating and implementing a health education plan at the relevant place of business;
7. Medical practices to protect employees at the relevant place of business according to the Act
8. Assisting and advising on inspecting facilities, such as general ventilators and local air exhausters
9. Routinely inspecting and guiding the place of business concerned, and representing opinions on the measures to be taken;
10. Other matters specified by the Minister of Employment and Labor and rules of employment, concerning health-related managing operations and working conditions.

근무지 Location
 Seoul, Korea
처우조건 Condition
 Negotiable(Pls. outline your current salary package and expectations.

Skills and Experience Required

학력 Education
BA / BS degree or equivalent required
경력 Career
 사원 ~ 과장 (한국 직급을 사용하지 않으며 '님'으로 호칭함) 
특기사항 Etc


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