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Safety Officer


회사소개 Company
Foreign Luxury Fashion Company
직급/직책 Position
5 ~10yrs
담당업무 Work
산업안전보건법 준수사항 검토 및 실시
- 산업안전보건위원회 운영 및 관리
- 사업장 내 안전예방 및 관리 절차 수립 및 운영
- 산업안전보건교육 실시
- 위험성 평가
- 사업장 순회 점검 및 지도
- 산업재해 관리
- 그 외 산업안전보건법 및 관계법령에 따른 안전관리자 업무 전반
- Establish and operate an occupational safety and health committee to deliberate on and determine important matters concerning safety and health at the place of business in accordance with “Occupational Safety And Health Act” and fulfil duties determined by the committee 
- Assist, guide and advise on assessing danger according to article 36 of the Act
- Assist, guide and advise on selecting appropriate products in purchasing machinery, etc., subject to safety certification
- Assist, guide and advise on formulating and implementing a safety education plan at the relevant place of business
- Routinely inspect and guide the place of business concerned, and represent opinions on the measures to be taken;
- Investigate and analyze the causes of industrial accidents, and technically assisting, guiding and advising on preventing their recurrence;
- Assist, guide and advise on maintaining, managing and analyzing statistics on industrial accidents;
- Assist, advise on and guide implementing such affairs concerning safety as determined by the Act, or by any order issued under the Act
- Keep and maintain records of performance of duties

근무지 Location
Seoul, Korea
처우조건 Condition
Negotiable(Pls. outline your current salary package and expectations.

Skills and Experience Required

학력 Education
BA / BS degree or equivalent required
경력 Career
[필수] 산업안전보건법에 따른 안전관리자 선임 자격 소지자  

  (아래 요건 중 1개 이상 의 자격을 충족하는 자)
- 산업안전지도사, 산업안전산업기사 이상의 자격증 소지자
- 산업안전관리 학위 취득자

특기사항 Etc


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