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EverBrain is a Strategy of Your Life

Creative knowledge and expertise over a wide range of sectors

Each consultant within our firm is a specialist in his or her own field: they have a deep understanding of the market sector in which our clients operate, enabling them to shape the brief and represent their client’s opportunity credibly. The consultant have a large network of personal contacts built over many years that they access to source and reference the best talent in an industry vertical, market sector or functional area.

  • Biology &Life Sciences
  • Consumer and Retail
  • Industrial & Engineering
  • Semiconductor, ICT & IT
  • Financial Services
  • Executive Search & Global Center
· Consumer and Retail
This area is one of the cornerstones of our executive search business. This sector is including fashion, cosmetic and food. We have placed mid-to senior level professionals include BM, marketing, sales, merchandising, e-commerce and on-line platform business.
· Biology &Life Sciences
We have worked with major clients in the following sectors: research and development, product management, clinical management, QA, CRA, sales and marketing in pharmacy, general medicine, healthcare business.
· Industrial &Engineering
This area is our primary strengths. We have placed in the following sector: engineering, SCM,technical sales, research, marketing and coverage across factory in semiconductor, automotive and chemical& energy, laser system and environmental recycling industries.
· Semiconductor, ICT & IT
This area needs fast growing requirements. We have placed in the following sector: semiconductor chip and factory engineer, software and hardware engineer in electrical automotive industry, service engineer, back end and front end programmer, AI database specialist, data driven marketer in telecommunication, hi-tech and platform business.
· Financial Services
We have worked with major financial institutions, in the following sectors: fixed income & derivatives, equities, investment banking, M&A, corporate finance, alternative investment, core banking and retail finance such as credit card, life insurance and retail capital.
· Executive Search & Global Center
We have executive consultants over 10 years of global executive search business in various industry. This area is our primary strengths. You can find our consultant in expertise and headhunter in website. We have placed in the following sector: Biology &Life Sciences, Consumer and Retail, Industrial &Engineering, Semiconductor, ICT & IT and Financial Services.